Posted On:January 1st 2017

Do you have customers that buy OEM cartridges because they don’t believe aftermarket cartridges are comparable in quality and reliability performance? CIG has new quantifiable data that our high quality remanufactured cartridges stand up to the OEM.

Did you Know .

The study results prove that Gateway replacement cartridges are a true alternative to the OEM.

Buyers Laboratory (BLI), a leading global independent office equipment test lab and business consumer advocate, evaluated the page yield, image quality, and reliability performance of Gateway's toner cartridges and compared it to the performance of original HP cartridges in the HP Color LaserJet M651 printer, the HP LaserJet M402n printer, and the HP LaserJet P3015 printer..

On all three HP printers, the Gateway's cartridge test results measured up favorably with HP brand in terms of reliability, image quality, and pages produced. In fact, with 54 cartridges tested, our average continuous yield numbers exceeded Gateway’s and HP’s stated yields across all cartridge types.